Each plant needs only one teaspoon: follow this method and watch your plants flourish unexpectedly. Here’s how to achieve brilliant blooms with a simple homemade fertilizer.

The Common Problem: Plants Not Blooming

How many times have you planted flowers at home but not seen any results? Often, despite following instructions, your plants don’t flower. But don’t worry, there is a natural solution. Read on to discover this effective method.

Homemade Fertilizer

Sometimes, plants need an extra boost. This is where fertilizer comes in. We’ll show you how to make a natural, homemade fertilizer that will help your garden bloom beautifully.

Plants often need more than just regular care to flourish. Fertilizers make your plants strong and lush. While you can buy fertilizers from stores, making them at home is easy and effective.

How to Make Homemade Fertilizer

You might be wondering how to make this fertilizer and what ingredients are needed. The process is simple and involves garlic.

  1. Dry and Grind Garlic: Start by drying garlic and grinding it into a powder.
  2. Mix with Boiling Water: Combine a teaspoon of garlic powder with a liter of boiling water. Let it cool.
  3. Filter the Liquid: Once the water cools, filter it using a strainer to remove any foam.

Using the Fertilizer

With your homemade fertilizer ready, you can now clean the leaves of your plants. Dip a little cotton in the liquid and clean the leaves both on top and underneath. This should be done almost every day to ensure green, shiny, and healthy leaves.

Why Is This Fertilizer Effective?

You might wonder why this compound works as a fertilizer. The secret is in the garlic. Garlic helps keep insects like red spiders and aphids away and prevents fungi growth. Use the liquid as a fertilizer with a spray bottle to ensure your plants stay fungus-free.

Additionally, water the base of your plant with five tablespoons of this fertilizer and see changes within weeks.


This easy-to-make fertilizer is highly effective. Your plants will be healthy and lush, and you’ll see excellent results. It’s worth trying and experiencing the benefits yourself. Start today and enjoy the transformation in your garden!