This is the plant hated by cockroaches, its smell makes the insects immediately run away: they never come back.

Cockroaches are commonplace and are a common insect that could enter your home and never leave. According to experts, they are attracted by certain smells and leftovers so much so that they find the corner to nest and build a family. If chemical repellents are not recommended, not just traps or anything else that could harm them. For this reason it is good to use natural ingredients that make them go away quickly. Not only that, this plant is hated by cockroaches.

Why do cockroaches come into the house?

Cockroaches are very fast insects, they manage to hide in places that are impossible to reach and lay their eggs in a short time. Their main nourishment is excrement and they can carry around pathogenic germs that are highly harmful to humans. Not only that, they love easy food, so everything they can find on the table or in the pantries.

Many wonder where cockroaches can come from, although it is not always easy to give an answer. Generally speaking, they exploit the accesses that lead them to the attics or cellars. They can pass through water pipes, electrical sockets and even small cracks in the walls.

They love bathrooms as they are humid, but they are certainly comfortable even in the attic where they can live undisturbed. They prefer a dirty, dark and damp place to nest. The areas of interest are easy for them to nest in total freedom to give birth to a real family made up of many small cockroaches: the females produce up to 40 eggs each act and it is an incredible number.

Plant against cockroaches: The natural repellent

The first thing to do is keep the house clean, without crumbs or open packages in the pantries. The cockroach does not like clean places without food, for this reason it is necessary to make a little greater hygiene effort. Then there’s a plant that cockroaches hate.

It’s called tansy , with its intense yellow flowers and heady scent. This is certainly the best method to keep insects away , as the smell of camphor is unbearable for these insects.

Then there are other odors that they cannot tolerate, namely:

  • Marseille soap , through a solution inside a container with water. Just spray it on upholstery and in the corners of the house to scare the cockroaches away;
  • Essential oils in general have a strong and unpleasant smell, especially rosemary oil. Not least the plant, to be placed in various strategic corners of the house;
  • The same goes for catnip , a natural disinfestant to be placed in various corners of the house. Obviously with due attention to the pets present.