This way you will have an excellent harvest of vegetables in the summer. There will be many and they will be very strong. Do this thing in the ground in early June and see the results then.

To have lots of vegetables in summer, just make a small transition at the beginning of June. You have to start now to be able to do it in time. Below, in the next paragraph, we will show you how you have to do it and you won’t need any chemical products to go and buy. But let’s see the details.

Lots of vegetables in the summer with a product in the ground

The simplest way to enrich the soil is by using hay . After a certain time, mycelium will form in the hay , a mushroom that almost looks like a spider’s web. This is valuable for plant growth and breaks down the structure of the hay and makes the soil looser.

This is critical because it allows plants to absorb oxygen, water and more. Compost mushrooms are also created together with the mycelium. They are black mushrooms that grow from compost. In general, the mushrooms that form in hay are perfect for feeding plants.

So the fungus provides the plant with loose soil and moisture and the plant thus provides sugars that the fungus cannot absorb because it feeds on compost that does not contain sugar. It is then better to leave the mycelium for a while so that it spreads well. Ideally, all the hay should be completely decomposed.

Furthermore, plants cannot grow continuously in the same soil and every year it is necessary to insert as much organic material as possible. This will also increase the layer of soil in the future you will have stronger and larger plants and you will also work less because you will no longer have to dig the soil.

Mushrooms are therefore a perfect help as well as being very easy to grow. Simply gather a pile of grass and leave it standing in a shady spot . It can rain on it just as you can water it if it doesn’t rain. This will create the mycelium and other mushrooms.

When the hay becomes darker in colour, it means that the various fungi and therefore also the mycelium have formed. It is now ready to be spread evenly throughout the garden. It will be additional compost to add to the land. But what should you do to join it to your garden ? Let’s see it below.

How to combine hay with soil

When the mushrooms have formed on the hay you can proceed by spreading it directly . You don’t have to chop it but arrange it in various pieces on the ground. Then water as mushrooms and compost form faster in moist soil. At the beginning you don’t have to think about the plants but only about the soil where they will then grow.

You won’t see the difference immediately but within a few years the soil will become more fertile and soft. As soon as the mycelium spreads underground, the yields of the garden will increase and the plants will consequently benefit. After watering, cover the hay with humus . After a few days you can plant and the organisms that are present in the soil will help the plant grow better.