Reviving a rotting orchid can seem like a daunting task, but an unconventional method using white cement and cinnamon powder has proven to be surprisingly effective. This unique combination leverages the antimicrobial properties of cinnamon and the moisture-control capabilities of white cement to bring even the most decayed orchids back to life.

Why Use White Cement and Cinnamon Powder?

  • White Cement: White cement helps to seal and protect the orchid roots, preventing further rot by keeping moisture levels balanced.
  • Cinnamon Powder: Cinnamon is a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent that helps to prevent infections and promotes healing in damaged plant tissues.

How to Revive Rotting Orchids with White Cement and Cinnamon Powder

Materials Needed:

  • White cement
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Water
  • Small container for mixing
  • Soft brush


  1. Prepare the Orchid:
  • Carefully remove the orchid from its pot.
  • Trim away any rotten or decayed roots using sterilized scissors or pruning shears.
  • Gently clean the remaining healthy roots with water to remove any debris.
  1. Mix the White Cement and Cinnamon Powder:
  • In a small container, mix one teaspoon of white cement with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  • Add a small amount of water to the mixture and stir until you achieve a thick, paste-like consistency.
  1. Apply the Mixture:
  • Using a soft brush, apply the white cement and cinnamon powder paste to the healthy roots and the base of the orchid.
  • Ensure that the mixture covers all areas that were previously affected by rot, as well as any cuts or wounds made during trimming.
  1. Allow the Mixture to Set:
  • Place the orchid in a well-ventilated area and allow the white cement and cinnamon powder mixture to dry and set for a few hours.
  • This will create a protective barrier that helps prevent further rot and infection.
  1. Replant the Orchid:
  • Prepare a new pot with fresh, well-draining orchid mix.
  • Carefully replant the orchid, ensuring that the treated roots are well-supported and not overly compacted.
  • Water the orchid lightly, ensuring not to overwater as this can lead to further rot.
  1. Care for the Revived Orchid:
  • Place the orchid in a location with indirect sunlight.
  • Maintain moderate humidity and ensure good air circulation around the plant.
  • Water sparingly, allowing the orchid mix to dry out slightly between waterings.

Benefits of Using White Cement and Cinnamon Powder

  • Enhanced Protection: White cement seals and protects the roots, preventing excess moisture and further rot.
  • Antimicrobial Action: Cinnamon powder helps to eliminate fungi and bacteria, promoting healthy root growth and healing.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Both white cement and cinnamon powder are inexpensive and readily available, making this method accessible to all orchid enthusiasts.


Reviving a rotting orchid doesn’t have to be an impossible task. By using a simple mixture of white cement and cinnamon powder, you can effectively treat and protect your orchid’s roots, ensuring a healthy recovery and promoting new growth. This method is not only innovative but also leverages the natural properties of both substances to provide a robust solution for orchid care. Give it a try and witness the magical transformation of your orchids!