If you have planted onions in your garden you absolutely must use this fertilizer in June to feed them. So they will grow bigger.

Surely you have planted onions in your garden but you want to feed them thoroughly and using this fertilizer in June will be the turning point for your plants. Whether you planted your onions from a seed or from bulbs, don’t worry because nothing changes and you can use this method.

The onion is usually an undemanding plant and does not require many nutrients . In particular, it does not like heavily fertilized soil. In fact, we usually avoid using fertilizer before and during sowing but only use it afterwards.

In fact, using this fertilizer in June is the right choice . You will only need one product which you most likely won’t have to buy because you already have it at home and especially in the kitchen. Even if you don’t have it, it is very cheap as a product and costs only a few euros. Below, in the next paragraph, all the details.

Fertilizer in June: Use for onions

As we said we are going to use a fertilizer for onions. The ideal is to use it in this month but it is not essential to respect it. You can find fertilizer in the kitchen and it is certainly an ingredient that is not missing. We are talking about flour that can also be used for plants .

You can also use leftover flour that you no longer want to use for cooking and would throw away. For plants, and especially for onions, this is great. Flour is a long-term fertilizer and since most plants and vegetables grow along the seafront this is excellent.

All you have to do is put the flour near the ground where the onion is planted . Don’t dig too much but try to place it as close as possible. Over time the flour ferments and a series of microorganisms are activated which will nourish the plant thoroughly.

This is one of the ways to use flour as fertilizer . Below we will also see why it is used differently. There’s a reason why it’s helpful to put flour near onions and more. It will save your crops and you will no longer have to throw them away due to infestations or anything else.

Flour in plants: here’s why you need to start

Flour can be reused and especially when expired it can be used in alternative ways rather than throwing it away. We have seen how it can be useful as a fertilizer for onions. Leaving nutrients in long term is perfect since onions don’t need as many of them.

Another reason to use it in the garden, however, is to protect the plants by keeping parasites away. In particular, if you place it near some vegetables you will avoid having to throw away the crop flooded with insects. And then you will also avoid using pesticides that are harmful to both the environment and humans.