Discover how to enhance the growth of your boxwood shrubs with these practical maintenance actions, ensuring lush and healthy foliage year-round.

How to Make Boxwood Grow Faster?

Boxwood (Buxus) is renowned for its versatility in garden landscapes, from hedges to decorative sculptures. However, its slow growth rate can be a drawback for gardeners. Here are essential tips to stimulate its development:

Respect Good Planting Practices

Ensure proper planting:

  • Timing: Optimal planting times are in spring (preferably March) or fall.
  • Soil Conditions: Plant in well-drained, rich, and slightly alkaline soil.
  • Spacing: Maintain appropriate distances between plants: 20 cm for borders, 60 cm for hedges, and 1.50 m for mass planting.

Mastering Watering

Avoid overwatering:

  • Moisture Control: Keep soil evenly moist, especially during hot spells, without saturating it.
  • Frequency: Water deeply once a week, ideally in the morning, and avoid wetting the foliage to prevent disease.

Mulch the Base

Protect roots and conserve moisture:

  • Mulching: Apply organic mulch or bark chips around the base to reduce evaporation.
  • Seasonal Care: Mulch helps in both summer heat and winter cold, shielding young plants from extremes.


Boost growth with proper nutrition:

  • Fertilization: Use liquid shrub fertilizer in spring to support healthy foliage growth.

Prune to Stimulate Growth

Maintain shape and vigor:

  • Pruning: Trim 2-3 times a year outside of frost periods.
  • Technique: Avoid cutting young leaves; wait until foliage is mature and hardened.
  • Purpose: Remove diseased or damaged branches to promote new growth and maintain desired shape.


By following these maintenance actions, you can effectively enhance the growth of your boxwood shrubs, ensuring they thrive in your garden’s landscape. Whether you’re cultivating hedges or ornamental features, proper care ensures vibrant and resilient boxwood plants that enrich your outdoor space year after year.