Unlocking the art of grafting roses might seem reserved for seasoned experts, but the reality is that anyone can master this technique with a bit of guidance. Here, we’ll take you through the steps of grafting a rose with a different variety, allowing you to witness the natural beauty of diverse blooms without the need for additional purchases or wasted time.

Selecting the Perfect Rootstock:
Success in rose grafting hinges on choosing the right rootstock. For beginners, experts recommend pairing a dog rose with a multiflora rose. The robust roots of the dog rose adapt well to various soil types, while the shallow roots of the multiflora rose make it an excellent fit for this grafting method.

Securing Your Rootstock:
To obtain your rootstock, sow the seeds of both varieties or cultivate cuttings. During the winter, take two branches approximately twenty centimeters long. Plant these branches in the summer, and before you know it, you’ll have a flourishing seedling.

Essential Tools and Ideal Conditions:
Before embarking on the grafting process, gather essential tools, including sanitized scissors and ligature materials. Ensure that the outdoor temperature hovers around 25 degrees Celsius before proceeding.

Grafting Unveiled:

  1. Begin by making a perpendicular cut on the branches using the necessary tools. Prior to this, remove leaves and thorns for optimal results.
  2. Attach the cut part to the rootstock, securing it with raffia or a light material to cover the incision.
  3. After a month, unveil the results by removing the covering material to inspect the rooting progress.

Ongoing Monitoring and Pruning:

  1. In February, execute a precise cut on the rootstock at the graft point.
  2. As spring arrives, observe the initial shoot and patiently wait for it to reach a length of fifteen centimeters.
  3. Trim the shoot, and eliminate any unruly growth around the structure.

Consulting the Experts:
Always seek advice from a professional nurseryman, as not all roses are equally suited for grafting.

By following these unique steps, you’ll embark on a gratifying journey of creating a distinctive rose plant, showcasing the beauty of varied varieties. Grafting roses, despite its initial intricacy, becomes a source of joy as you witness the enchanting flowers unfurl in all their natural glory.