Embark on the fascinating journey of cultivating garlic at home, unraveling the mystery of its ability to regenerate effortlessly, not in soil but in water. In this gardening adventure, we’ll explore the enchanting process of growing garlic using the simple yet magical method of water propagation.

Navigating the Waters: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Sprout Selection Sorcery:

  • Dive into your garlic collection and seek out cloves that have begun their sprouting journey. Opt for segments that exude health, steering clear of any hints of rot or defects.

2. Water Sanctum Creation:

  • Take a glass or glass jar as your vessel to nurture the chosen garlic cloves, ensuring the end with the sprout points upwards, creating a mini water sanctuary.

3. A Gentle Baptism:

  • Pour room temperature water into the glass, cradling the garlic cloves up to their midsection. Be mindful not to submerge them entirely, avoiding the risk of rot and ensuring a gentle immersion.

4. Basking in Sunlit Magic:

  • Place your garlic-filled glass or vase on an interior windowsill, allowing it to bask in the sun’s rays during an incubation period spanning 4-7 days.

5. Hydration Harmony:

  • Keep a vigilant eye on the water’s clarity. If it takes on a darker hue, perform a water change ritual. Delicately remove the garlic cloves, refresh the water, reintroduce the cloves, and behold the magic.

6. Harvesting the Bounty:

  • Witness the garlic shoots burgeon and flourish, reaching a height of around 7 cm or more. These verdant shoots are ready to be harvested, imparting a fresh garlic essence to elevate your culinary creations.

Embark on this unique odyssey of garlic cultivation, where water becomes the catalyst for growth. Watch as sprouting cloves transform into flourishing shoots, adding a touch of magic to your home gardening endeavors.