In late autumn, gardeners have a final opportunity to tackle unwanted cabbage pests before winter sets in. During November, these pests seek warm spots for hibernation, making it a critical time for prevention. Fortunately, you can effectively address this issue without costly devices, using just a shovel and organic fertilizer.

Creating a Cabbage Trap:

  1. Dig a Hole: Excavate a hole about 0.6 meters deep near your garden plot.
  2. Add Organic Material: Place fresh manure in the pit. Its warmth and distinct smell attract cabbage pests.
  3. Mark the Spot: Next to the hole, place a noticeable object like a stick. This makes it easier to locate the trap during winter conditions.
  4. Timing: Once temperatures drop below freezing, unearth the trap. The pests will perish due to the harsh weather conditions. By the start of the next season, your garden will be free from these unwanted pests.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively manage cabbage pests in your garden without the need for specialized equipment.