Understanding Winter Garlic Care

Winter garlic differs from other types due to its large cloves and long shelf life. To ensure a bountiful harvest, proper care and protection from frost are essential.

When to Cover Winter Garlic

Plant winter garlic 1-2 months before frost sets in to allow for root establishment. Cover it when temperatures drop to -5°C.

  • Covering too early may lead to overgrowth and increase disease risk.
  • Covering too late risks frost damage and plant loss.

Materials for Winter Garlic Shelter

Several materials effectively shield winter garlic:

  • Sawdust, Hay, and Straw: Create an insulating air layer; apply 10-15 cm thick.
  • Leaves: Release beneficial substances into the soil; layer should be 15-20 cm thick.
  • Peat: Acts as a natural antiseptic, preventing fungal diseases; use 5-10 cm deep.
  • Protective Material: Special fabric or film to shield from wind, snow, and rain; secure with stakes.

Removing Winter Garlic Shelter

Uncover garlic in early spring when temperatures stabilize around +5°C.

  • Early removal risks frost damage and rot.
  • Carefully free garlic sprouts from materials and remove weeds when uncovering.

Following these guidelines ensures winter garlic thrives and yields a robust harvest.