As winter frosts yield to spring’s warmth, diligent gardeners turn their attention to strawberries, often sheltered during the cold months. This transition signals the beginning of crucial care routines to nurture robust plants and ensure a bountiful berry harvest. Here’s expert advice on essential tasks to prioritize:

Pruning Bushes: Start by meticulously inspecting each strawberry plant. Using sharp tools, prune away old, dried leaves from the edges of each bush. Focus next on removing any tendrils that appeared in the fall, ensuring plants are prepared for new growth.

Soil Management: The condition of the soil significantly impacts strawberry health. Once the ground has sufficiently dried, begin soil care. Take care around the shallow root system by gently digging and loosening the soil to a depth of approximately 10 cm. This aids in nutrient absorption and supports healthy root development.

Preventative Measures: Protect strawberries by applying a systemic fungicide during stable morning or evening temperatures around +5°C. Options like Bordeaux mixture or suitable alternatives are effective in preventing diseases that can hinder plant growth and fruit production.

By diligently tending to strawberries in early spring, you set the stage for a productive growing season. These foundational steps not only promote plant vigor but also contribute to the development of large, sweet berries. Embrace these practices to ensure your strawberry plants thrive and deliver a flavorful harvest throughout the season.